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Newsletter September 2015

Machine Learning Course 16-20 November 2015


training course on industrial machine learning

Right methodology is the key for successful application of machine learning. This 5-day intensive training provides you with proven industrial know-how.

  • Learn to build solutions
  • Go beyond equations
  • Master step-by-step methodology
Bring your own data and push ahead your solution!

Learn more about the industrial pattern recognition course register now to the machine learning course for industry

Flower classification


High variability of color and shape makes flower classification a challenging task. In this demo we show live classification of Alstroemeria flowers by means of perceptual similarity measure.
Watch this (1min) video to find out more.

Classifier decisions confusion matrix with the unsure samples

Tagging unsure decisions


Would you like to know if your classifier is sure about specific decisions?
Here we show how to automatically tag classifier decisions as sure or unsure. You can quickly distinguish samples that may need a second opinion!