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Newsletter May 2014

Classifier execution in Cognex VisionPro

Deploy classifiers to Cognex VisionPro

Feature highlight

Classifiers trained in perClass can be deployed to any application that can call a DLL or exposes .Net interface. In this video we show how to deploy classifiers into Cognex VisionPro environment used in many industrial applications.
See short video.

perClass at Vision and Robotics fair 2014

Vision & Robotics 2014


Visit us at the Vision & Robotics & Mechatronics Fair taking place 11-12 June 2014 in Veldhoven. Come along to our stand 34a to discuss your pattern recognition challenges, and learn about new developments!

In-house training course at WUR

in-house machine learning course at WUR.

From the blog

This spring, beside our regular training course, we were invited at Wageningen University (WUR) for an in-house training. WUR is a leading university in the agricultural sector. We enjoyed meeting their team and conducting a training focused on their specific applications: image-based defect detection and sorting.

Erik Pekkeriet, senior project manager, wrote: "Our team on Vision & Robotics choose to use perClass in our machine vision solutions on a structural base... Read more

Interested in an in-house training for your group?

perClass course

machine learning course for industry.


Want to learn how to build the best classifier for your problem?
Join us in the 24-28 November 2014 course in Delft, The Netherlands.
In this intensive 5-day course, you gain a proven methodology to solve your pattern recognition challenges. Lectures and hands-on exercises on industrial problems such as:

  • image-based defect detection
  • texture classification
  • hyperspectral object sorting
  • classification of database records
You're the expert in your field! Bring your data and learn how to build robust classifiers for your domain. Read testimonials

Learn more about the industrial pattern recognition course register now to the machine learning course for industry
perClass documentation now fully integrated in Matlab

perClass 4.3 release with fully integrated Matlab documentation

Feature highlight

The 4.3 release brings many improvements of the imaging framework, new logistic classifier and several usability fixes. The complete perClass documentation is now also available off-line from the Matlab prompt.

Read more in the release notes.