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Newsletter March 2014

Understanding your data with interactive scatter


perClass  scatterplot

Interactive scatter plot helps us to gain understanding of our problem. This tutorial provides a walkthrough example on medical data set. You will learn how to use filters, label subsets of data and identify differences in class distributions.
Watch this 6 minute video to find out more.

perClass course

machine learning course for industry.


Want to learn how to build the best classifier for your problem?
Join us in the 7 - 11 Apr 2014 course in Delft, The Netherlands.
In this intensive 5-day course, you gain a proven methodology to solve your pattern recognition challenges. Lectures and hands-on exercises on industrial problems such as:

  • image-based defect detection
  • texture classification
  • hyperspectral object sorting
  • classification of database records
You're the expert in your field! Bring your data and learn how to build robust classifiers for your domain. Read testimonials

Learn more about the industrial pattern recognition course register now to the machine learning course for industry
good classifiers for multi-modal problems

Which classifiers work well for multi-modal problems?


In this example, we walk through a process of finding a good classifier for a strongly multi-modal problem. We quickly inspect several families of classifiers and evaluate their accuracy, training and execution speed.
Which ones work best? Look at the conclusions in the knowledge base article.