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Newsletter March 2012

Draw your classifiers by hand!

Feature Highlight

Have you ever wished to draw a classifier yourself?
Sometimes it is easier to draw a classifier by hand than to train it. perClass offers you an interactive tool to draw classifiers directly in the scatter plot. You can make the decision boundary exactly as you wish! Watch this 4 minute video to see how.

Training Opportunities


perClass course: Machine Learning for R&D specialists.

5-days training course

Do you want to design powerful classifiers for your machine?
Join us on 25-29 June 2012 at PR Sys Design office in Delft.

This intense training course provides you with the practical methodology to develop your own solutions with perClass. Back to your office, you solve your challenge and demonstrate a working classifier to your colleagues!

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APR course

Advanced Pattern Recognition course

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of patter recognition? The Pattern Recognition Lab at TU Delft and us, at PR Sys Design, join the effort to offer you a five-day course that combines both theoretical and practical insights. When? On 23-26 April 2012 , at TU Delft university, The Netherlands.

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Classifiers for molecular biologists

Max Planck Institute

Customer story

In the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics the Department of Molecular Neurogenetics studies neuronal organization in the mouse olfactory system. With a combination of genetics approaches, electrophysiology, in vivo imaging and behavioral studies on gene-targeted mouse strains, the Department aims to describe the axonal wiring of olfactory sensory neurons in the living brain.
Dr Bolek Zapiec, says: For analyzing our high content methods for profiling neuronal gene expression patterns in 3D we chose perClass Matlab Toolbox to aid in building sophisticated classifiers that find patterns unnoticeable to the human biologists. Marrying the latest in high throughput screening methods with custom analytical pipelines built with perClass Toolbox lets us ask questions previously outside grasp of molecular biologists.
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Image classification


How to approach an image classification problem?
The two examples in perClass knowledge base show you how to create a classifier starting directly from images. In the first example, you will learn how to interactively inspect images from the scatter plot, quickly train a full recognition chain and embed it in an interactive application. The second example explains how to build a detector for one concept and tune it not to loose important samples.