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Newsletter September-October 2011

How to build a French fries sorter?

Tutorial part 1: Training from multiple images

Ever tried to build a robust image-based sorting classifier? It's not an easy job. You need to combine local image information from many objects in multiple images, because one image is never enough.
The tutorial addresses these issues on an example of hyperspectral French fries sorting. The additional challenge we face here is the large image size (hundreds of megabytes). You will see how to focus on relevant image parts, quickly label image data, and train a classifier from multiple images.
Check out this 5 minute video!

Visit us in Vision Stuttgart trade fair


We will present our latest developments at the 24th International trade fair for Machine Vision in Stuttgart on 8-10 November. We will be happy to meet you at our boot 6-B89. Come by to see for yourself how easy it is to bring real time classifiers into industrial applications.
Would you like a FREE admission ticket? Just request one by email.
Looking forward to meet you at Vision!

Why feature selection?

Feature Highlight

Feature selection allows us to identify informative features and to reduce data dimensionality, helping classifiers to do a better job. perClass offers interactive tools to perform feature selection, together with a number of greedy searches that are scalable to large data sets.
Check out our new knowledge base article with practical tips.

Advanced Pattern Recognition course


APR course

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of patter recognition? The Pattern Recognition Lab at TU Delft and us, at PR Sys Design, join the effort to offer you a five-day course that combines both theoretical and practical insights. The APR course will help you to build your pattern recognition solutions. Few places are still available, secure your participation with a prompt registration!
When? On 17-21 October 2011, at TU Delft university, The Netherlands. You can read detailed info and register here.