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Newsletter January-February 2011

How to run your classifier out of Matlab in few seconds

How to run your classifier out of Matlab.


Have you build a great classifier and wonder how to include it in your application? PRSD Studio makes it quick and easy. Used for real time industrial sorting or computer vision solution.

See the video, and learn more.

APR course

Advanced Pattern Recognition course


Would you like to deepen your knowledge of patter recognition? The Pattern Recognition Lab at TU Delft and us, at PR Sys Design, join the effort to offer you a five-day course that combines both theoretical and practical insights. The APR course will help you to build your pattern recognition solutions. When? On 4-8 April 2011, at TU Delft university, The Netherlands. Here you find detailed info.

Interactive scatter plot of PRSD Studio

Compatibility with PR Tools

Feature Highlight

PRSD Studio compatibility with PRTools can make your work simpler, you classifiers faster, scalable to large data sets, and easily executed outside Matlab. Learn more

Office building

New office


We are happy to announce that we moved to a new office. You can now visit us at Molengraaffsingel 12, Delft.