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Newsletter November-December 2010

Building accurate and fast k-NN classifiers

How to build a fast and accurate k-NN.


k-NN classifier is often adopted for complicated problems with high overlap. Although it may provide high accuracy solutions, it suffers from slow execution. In this video we show how to limit the set of k-NN prototypes. This makes the execution of the classifier both accurate and fast.

New stable release 2.3


A new stable release is now available, these are the major new features:

  • New dissimilarity measures in sdprox (Spectral Angle Mapper, Kolmogorov distance, Match distance).
  • Regular expressions, allowing simple definition of data subsets.
  • Undo label painting in sdscatter.
See the release notes for a complete feature list.

Animal behavior detection

Noldus behavioral research

Customer story

Noldus is a market leader in behavioral research, providing solutions to study both human and animal behavior. Noldus is leveraging PRSD Studio for development of robust detectors and classifiers.

We use PRSD Studio to build classifiers for rat behavior detection. I especially enjoy the metadata functionality and the interactive visualization where you can view subsets based on the metadata. It gives me insight in the data, and tells me what is feasible. Therefore, it saves me the time I would otherwise spend on useless efforts to optimize what is beyond reach. Also, I find the documentation and support really good! -- Elsbeth van Dam, R&D Noldus

More application examples

Easy class subsets with regular expressions

Regular expressions video.

Feature Highlight

Quickly selecting subsets of classes helps you to inspect and learn from your data. PRSD Studio now introduces a new, simpler way of selecting classes using regular expressions. Regular expression is a string describing a pattern matched to the class list.

In this short video we illustrate in different ways how to use the regular expressions capabilities of PRSD Studio. Enjoy!

New documentation tools


PRSD Studio documentation becomes even more friendly thanks to two major improvements: The doc search, and the cheat-sheet.

Doc search Search: Are you interested in a specific topic? No need to locate it in the documentation index anymore. Now you can search the all doc. It's simple, you can find directly what you are looking for!

Cheat-sheet pdf Cheat-sheet: all the most important constructs are in one A4 page! No need to remember them by heart, you can look them up as you need.

You can now send us your questions/comments using the new feedback button on the side of the documentation. We value your feedback!