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Newsletter December 2016

 metal sorting robot using hyperspectral imaging and perClass
  • Exhibitions: AgriFoodTech on 14-15 December
  • Announcement: Machine Learning course: 20-24 March 2017
  • Customer story: Metal sorting using Hyperspectral imaging
  • From the blog: Impression from the Vision fair in Stuttgart
  • From the blog: Autumn perClass course was fully booked again

Newsletter September 2016

 easy interface for Deep Learning
  • Tutorial: Deep Learning step by step
  • Announcement: perClass 5 includes Deep Learning
  • Announcement: Machine Learning course: 24-28 October 2016
  • From the blog: perClass course by Philips Research
  • Exhibitions: Visit us at Vision fair on 8-10 Nov 2016

Newsletter May 2016

Deep Learning coming to perClass
  • Developments: Deep Learning coming to perClass
  • Announcement: Vision & Robotics 2016
  • Announcement: New perClass release
  • From the blog: Notes from the spring perClass course

Newsletter February 2016

perClass used for real-time accident detection in tunnels
  • Tutorial: How to avoid specific errors in your application?
  • Application: Traffic accident detections in tunnels
  • Announcement: Machine Learning course: 4-8 April 2016
  • Feature highlight: Set yourself class markers and colors

Newsletter December 2015

perClass new release compatible with Matlab 2015b
  • Feature highlight: New interactive tool to choose a good classifier trade-off
  • Announcement: Spring Machine Learning course: 4-8 April 2016
  • Announcement: New perClass release
  • From the blog: perClass in use: Latest research publications

Newsletter September 2015

  • Announcement: Machine learning course 16-20 November 2015
  • Application: Flower classification.
  • Tutorial: Tagging unsure decisions
  • Did you know...?: you can use decision trees to quickly select informative features?

Newsletter May 2015

removing outliers in classifier execution
  • Tutorial: Build outlier removal into your classifiers.
  • Exhibition: Vision & Robotics 2015
  • Feature highlight: Speeding up classifier execution
  • From the blog: 10th anniversary of yesDelft incubator
  • Announcement: Autumn perClass course 16-20 November 2015
Vision system article

Newsletter March 2015

  • Tutorial: Wish to run a classifier out-of-Matlab in your C++ application?
  • Announcement: perClass course 13-17 April 2015
  • From the blog: perClass featured in Vision Systems Design article
  • Announcement: perClass new release
  • From the blog: perClass used for real-time audio classification

Newsletter December 2014

The future of Machine Learning: Talk from the Vision trade fair
  • Tutorial: How can machine learning help us to develop next generation applications?
  • From the blog: November perClass training course
  • From the blog: Impressions from Vision Fair
  • Announcement: perClass new release

Newsletter September 2014

Detecting objects by statistical classifier.
  • Tutorial: Object detection
  • Announcement: Visit us at Vision trade fair on 4-6 November
  • Announcement: perClass course 24-28 November 2014
  • Feature highlight: Measuring classifier speed
  • From the blog: perClass referenced in recent books

Newsletter July 2014

Quick image labeling with clustering.
  • Tutorial: Quick image labeling by clustering
  • Announcement: In-house perClass training courses
  • Announcement: Upcoming events autumn 2014
  • Tuturial: Multi-scale image feature extraction: Practical use-cases

Newsletter May 2014

perClass in-house training at WUR
  • Feature highlight: Deploy classifiers to Cognex VisionPro
  • Exhibitions: Visit us at Vision & Robotics 2014
  • Blog: In-house training course at WUR
  • Announcement: perClass course 24-28 November 2014
  • Feature highlight: perClass 4.3 release with fully integrated Matlab documentation

Newsletter March 2014

perClass scatterplot
  • Tutorial: Understanding your data with interactive scatter
  • Announcement: perClass course 7-11 April
  • Feature highlight: Which classifiers work well for multi-modal problems?

Newsletter November2013

extracting local image features in Matlab
  • Tutorial: Learn from local image features
  • Blog: Impressions from October 2013 perClass course
  • Blog: Ever wished for a faster Gaussian mixture classifier?
  • Announcement: new perClass 4.1 release

Newsletter September 2013

perClass Newsletter September 2013
  • Tutorial: Detectors explained
  • Announcement: perClass course: Machine Learning for R&D Specialists
  • Feature highlight: How to work with nominal features?

Announcement: perClass 4 is out, check it out!

perClass 4 new release!
  • New: Work with databases!
  • perClass Toolbox becomes modular.
  • Course announcement: Machine Learning for R&D Specialists.
  • Tutorial: How to identify the typical and rare examples of a class?
  • Feature highlight: Neural Network now scalable to million of samples.

Newsletter April 2013

Newsletter April 2013
  • Announcement: perClass on Raspberry Pi!
  • Tutorial: Define ground-truth by clustering
  • From the blog: Impressions from March 2013 perClass course
  • Feature highlight: Better classifiers with regularization

Newsletter February 2013

Newsletter February 2013
  • Tutorial: Choose a classifier with cross-validation
  • Announcement: perClass training course March 2013
  • From the blog: Delft Robotics Symposium
  • From the blog: Networking event 22 April

Newsletter December 2012

Newsletter December 2012
  • Tutorial: Sorting fries: Don't miss rotten potatoes anymore!
  • Announcement: perClass training course March 2013
  • Feature highlight: Get the most from confusion matrices
  • From the blog: December perClass course
  • From the blog: Impressions from Vision fair 2012
Newsletter October 2012

Newsletter October 2012

  • Tutorial: Learn from local texture
  • Announcement: New perClass training course
  • Announcement: Visit us at Vision trade fair
  • Feature highlight: Optimize PCA minimizing the classification error
  • From the blog: perClass in use: Latest research publications

Newsletter May 2012

Newsletter May 2012
  • Tutorial: Why meta-data matters?
  • Announcement: "Machine Learning for R&D Specialists"
  • From the blog: Impressions from March perClass course
  • Feature highlight: Custom visualization in interactive scatter plot

Newsletter March 2012

Newsletter March 2012
  • Feature Highlight: Draw your classifier by hand!
  • Announcement: Training opportunities
  • Customer story: Classifiers for molecular biologists
  • Tutorial: Image classification

Newsletter November-December 2011

Newsletter November-December 2011
  • Tutorial: Interactive thresholding
  • Customer story: Cancer detection
  • Feature Highlight: Decisions trees and random forest
  • From the blog: Impressions from Vision 2011 trade fair

Newsletter September-October 2011

Newsletter September-October 2011
  • Tutorial: How to build a French fries sorter?
  • Announcement: Visit us in Vision Stuttgart trade fair
  • Feature Highlight: Why feature selection?
  • Announcement: Advanced Pattern Recognition course

PRSD Studio 3.0 becomes perClass!

perClass announcement
  • Even faster execution of your classifiers
  • Do you work with images?
  • Need to cluster your data?
  • Get more done with improved interactive tools

Newsletter January-February 2011

Newsletter January-February 2011
  • Tutorial: How to run your classifier out of Matlab in seconds
  • Announcement: Advanced Pattern Recognition course
  • Feature Highlight: Compatibility with PRTools
  • Announcement: New office!

Newsletter November-December 2010

Newsletter November-December 2010
  • Tutorial: Building accurate and fast k-NN classifiers
  • Announcement: New stable release 2.3
  • Customer story: Animal behavior detection
  • Feature Highlight: Easy class subsets with regular expressions
  • Announcement: New documentation tools

Newsletter September-October 2010

ICPR pictures
  • Tutorial: How to build a detector?
  • Announcement: New Release: PRSD Studio 2.2.4
  • Feature Highlight: Understanding outliers with interactive scatter
  • Announcement: Advanced Pattern Recognition course
  • ICPR 2010 in Istanbul

Newsletter July-August 2010

Visualization of classifier decision in N-D feature spaces.
  • Tutorial: How to protect trained classifiers from outliers?
  • Announcement: Visit us in Istanbul at ICPR 2010!
  • Customer story: Human pose recognition
  • Feature Highlight: Visualizing classifier decisions in N-D spaces

Newsletter May-June 2010

Optimization of multi-class classifiers in imbalanced problems.
  • Tutorial: How to optimize multi-class classifiers in imbalanced problems?
  • Announcement: Student and academic versions available now!
  • Customer story: Automatic 3D particle shape classification
  • Feature Highlight: Visualizing live class distributions in scatter plots