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Interactive scatter: Painting labels

This short video shows how to paint class labels directly in scatter plot, name clusters, define new classes, and identify outliers.

How to build accurate and fast k-NN classifiers

k-NN classifier is often adopted for complicated problems with high overlap. Although it may provide high accuracy solutions, it suffers from slow execution. In this video we show how to limit the set of k-NN prototypes making it both accurate and fast in execution.

Visualization of classifier decisions in feature spaces with more than two dimensions

Visualization of classifier decisions in a feature space help us to understand its behavior. The visualization is straightforward when our data has only two features. With PRSD Studio is possible to visualize the classifier decisions in multi-D spaces.

How to optimize three-class classifiers with ROC analysis

This video illustrate how to quickly optimize multi-class classifiers in imbalanced problems.

How to protect classifier from outliers

Often, we need to protect a trained classifier from accepting outliers examples appearing in production. This tutorial shows how to achieve this by addding a rejection option to a trained discriminant with sdreject command. Construction of interactive reject curve is also illustrated.

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