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How to run a classifier in a C++ application?

In this example of wood defect detection, we illustrate how to run a classifier out-of-Matlab, directly in your application. First we design a good classifier. Then we use perClass SDK to export the classifier and load it into the C++ application.

VISION14 talk: Machine learning for next generation vision applications

How can machine learning help us to develop next generation applications? Recording of our presentation at Industrial Vision Days conference accompanying VISION14 Trade Fair in Stuttgart, Germany.

Execute perClass classifiers in Cognex Vision Pro

In this video we show how to execute perClass classifiers from Cognex Vision Pro. We will load a simple dice classifier trained in Matlab, connect its input and output buffers and then run it to any new image within the Vision Pro. The simple perClass .Net API allows you to do this in few minutes
Interested to add classification capabilities to your Cognex application? Contact us!

Tune your classifier

Not all errors are equally important. In sorting applications, some errors should be entirely avoided. In this tutorial, you will learn how to tune your classifier to find all rotten parts in French fries sorting application.

Run your classifiers out-of-Matlab

How to transfer a Matlab prototype classifier into your product? PRSD Studio provides comprehensive support for execution of classifiers in custom applications. This video shows few examples of classifier deployment.