New development release brings fast k-NN approximation

We have just release the 1.1.2 18-Nov-20008 development version bringing experimental version of a fast k-NN approximation for very large datasets and k-centres detector/discriminant. See example in our blog


Stable and development branches

PRSD Studio is now available in two branches—stable for the production use and the frequently-updated development one where new things happen. For details, see the announcement post in our Forum.


New PRTools forum open

The PRTools forum is now hosted here, at PR Sys Design! If you have questions or remarks about PRTools, you are welcome to join the discussion.


New release with interactive scatter and image viewer

We’ve just released PRSD Studio 1.1 with number of enhancements. The most interesting are perhaps the user-friendly interactive scatter plot and image viewer allowing for hand-painting sample/pixel labels and renaming the classes. 


First release available for download

1.0 release is here! You can download Windows and Mac evaluation version right now. Enjoy :-)


Compiled on embedded platform

We’re happy to announce that libPRSD was successfully compiled and tested on embedded platform (TI C64x DSP). This extends our offering from the PC world to high-speed industrial devices. In case of interest please contact us for details.


Linux version now available

There is now Linux x86 build available! It brings also new features, such as decision tree support.


New knowledge base tips available

There are some interesting new How to... tips in our Knowledge base!


October APR Course

Are you working on practical classification problems but you miss the necessary knowledge or skills concerning the use of good statistical techniques to analyze and learn from your data?

The Advanced Pattern Recognition course offers you a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of pattern recognition. We organize this course in collaboration with Delft Technical University. The next course is scheduled on 27-31 October 2008 Registrer now


New site design

We have updated the PRSD website and included new support forum.

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