Spring 2015 course scheduled for the week 13-17 April

The spring perClass course will take place in the week 16 (13-17 April 2015) in Delft, The Netherlands.


4.4 release with one-class SVM and significantly faster multi-class ROC

Happy to announce perClass 4.4 that brings several improvements such as support for one-class SVM classifiers and significantly faster multi-class ROC estimation. Number of improvements address the new graphical foundation of Matlab 2014b. This release also introduces shape-based object-level feature extraction from images and super-easy back-projection of object labels to original images. Check-out the full list in the Release notes and Enjoy!


updated 4.3 version available with multi-class SVM fix

We have issued a fix for sdsvc as a part of 4.3 24-jun-2014 release. It is resolving an issue with incorrect offset of RBF and polynomial SVM that impacted mostly multi-class SVM classifiers. Two-class SVMs followed by ROC to choose an operating point were not affected.


perClass demo of defect detection at Vision and Robotics fair

Pictures from Vision and Robotics fair 2014 are in the blog


Autumn course scheduled on 24-28 November 2014

The Autumn perClass course will take place in Delft, The Netherlands in the week 24-28 November 2014. Details and registration


4.3 release with Matlab documentation and imaging improvements

Happy to announce perClass 4.3 release. It provides all documentation in Matlab format, new logistic classifier and many improvements of the imaging framework.

Image feature extraction is greatly simplified, there is now a faster connected component analysis implementation and a new object feature extraction.  Typical image recognition tasks such as object labeling, feature extraction and object classification are now significantly faster and easier to use.

In addition to new features, 4.3 comes with many usability improvements and fixes including some hard-to-find issues (sdimage label layer problem in Windows, figure positioning bug in Matlab 2013 and higher on LInux, precision timers on MS Windows and more). See Release notes for the complete list.



April perClass course for R&D specialists in Delft

See the blog


In-house training course in Wageningen

In the beginning of April, we organized training course in-house in the Wageningen UR plant sciences group. More details in the blog


4.2 release brings improved interactive scatter plot

perClass 4.2 release brings number of usability improvements. Working with subsets of samples in a scatter plot is now simpler and more visual. It is now possible to invert and remove individual filters, tag samples and perform many common tasks entirely from the scatter plot (e.g. creating new label sets from another set and labeling groups of samples). The confusion matrix can be now rendered in a figure and understood in a glance. More details in the release notes. Enjoy!


The April perClass Course dates announced. Registration open.

The spring perClass Course “Machine Learning for R&D Specialists” will take place in the week 15 (April 7-11) in Delft, The Netherlands. The registration is open

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