Spring 2017 course scheduled in the week 20-24 March 2017

The Spring 2017 course “Machine Learning for R&D Specialists” will take place in the week 20-24 March 2017 in Delft, The Netherlands. More information is available here, the registration is now open.


perClass 5.0 release brings Deep Learning

Happy to announce perClass 5 with support for deep convolutional networks! The new sddeepnet command allows you to design architecture and train a deep network in one step. A GUI with training progress is available so that network behaviour can be understood and architecture improved. Other improvements include image feature extraction and upgrade to SVM optimizer.

You can check the tutorial video

More info in Release notes


Autumn perClass course scheduled for 24-28 October’16 in Delft

The Autumn course “perClass for R&D Specialists” is scheduled in the week 24-28 October 2016 in Delft, The Netherlands


Sumer 2016 perClass course will take place in Eindhoven in the week 27 June-1July (register now)

Happy to announce Summer 2016 perClass course that will take place on the High-Tech Campus in Eindhoven in the week 27 June to 1 July. The registration is now open.


4.8 release brings new image feature extractors and zoom in image figures

Happy to announce availability of perClass 4.8 that brings support for zooming in image figures (also with a convenient keyboard +/- shortcuts, that do not need mode change), new image feature extractors (orientation histograms and gray-level morphology) and more!  More information in Release notes. Enjoy!


Spring perClass course scheduled for the week 4-8 April 2016

The spring perClass Course “Machine Learning for R&D Specialists” will be in the week 4-8 April 2016. Registrations are open.


4.6 release with uint8 buffer support, improved ROC and filter bank features

4.6 release brings significantly simpler setting of a current op.point on ROC characteristic with a combination of a constrain and performance maximization. New enhancement is a support for direct classifier execution on uint8 or uint16 buffers (think applying classifiers to raw image buffers without content casting - very cool!). There are also several new convolutional filter banks for local image feature extraction and multiple fixes. More information in Release notes. Enjoy!


Autumn perClass course scheduled for the week 16-20 November 2015

We have fixed the date of the Autumn perClass Course “Machine Learning for R&D Specialists” to the week 16-20 November 2015.


4.5 release brings RBF neural network and improved missing data imputation

The 4.5 release brings fast and scalable RBF network, improved sdmissing command with new imputation methods and several sdimage improvements. Enjoy!


perClass featured as one of the most comprehensive machine learning tools in Vision Systems article

The last issue of the Vision Systems Design journal brings an article on advanced machine learning technology for industrial vision applications. The article features PR Sys Design and perClass among the major players in the machine vision field.
It also highlights in more details key points of our design methodology, e.g. use of multiple classifiers to develop accurate systems, understanding the problem by building classifiers and fundamental importance of performance optimization to find “good-enough” solutions.

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