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Execute classifiers in your application in minutes.

Classifier prototype in Matlab is only half-way. As a product designer, you need the classifier running in your machine. perClass comes with a runtime library that can execute any classifier directly in your application. It only takes few minutes to get running. So you can spend your time on building a better product.

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Execute classifier out of Matlab in custom application.
fast classifiers for conveyor-belt applications

Built for real-time applications.

Enjoy blazing fast classifier execution without C programming. Because the classifier testing directly in your machine is so simple, you can easily validate execution speed of any prototype you consider. If your complex classifier needs any speed-up, perClass brings number of tools to the table. Polygon classifiers and lookup tables handle simpler subproblems. Neural networks approximate complex models. Cascades bring it all together reducing execution time. And the best thing: You save your time as well!

LabView friendly.

Building real-time machine control with LabView? Wonder how to include classifiers trained in Matlab in your project?

Look no further. Any perClass classifier can directly run within the LabView system in minutes. Embed once, run any classifier. You can even change operating trade-offs of your classifiers at runtime. Great to give your operator that one GUI slider he wants to fine-tune the complex process.

Now with real-time OS (PharLap-ETS) support!

Executing Matlab classifiers in LabView.
Call classifiers from .Net environment.

Run classifiers in .Net applications

Need to run classifiers from C# or Visual Basic? Easy. The perClass .Net interface provides you with all the power C/C++ programmers enjoy. Load multiple classifiers, adjust operating points in runtime, work with decision names. But most important: Do it fast. So you can focus on your application instead of classifier coding.