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perClass saves your time.

Your time is valuable. Don't waste it. Imagine you're building a house. Do you start baking your own bricks? Or would you rather quickly grow your building using ready-made blocks? perClass provides all you need to build accurate recognition systems. So you can design your classifiers in days, not months.

fast pattern recognition with perClass
Methodology for pattern recognition

It's more than tools, it's the methodology.

Over the 10+ years of industrial experience, we have developed a reliable methodology to design classification systems. perClass software, which implements this methodology, has helped our projects to succeed. We want you to succeed too. That why we provide intensive perClass training courses. To share not only the tools, but also our know-how.

Complete lifecycle of classifier design.

Are you creating a product based on classification technology? Say, a vegetable sorting machine or medical diagnostic device? Making a research prototype is not enough. You need to test it in a machine and deploy it in production. perClass is designed from the ground up as the integrated solution. The classifiers you build can be directly embedded in a real-time environment and shipped to your customers.

Entire lifecycle of pattern recognition
Many pattern recognition packages are hard to install and use.

No headaches anymore.

From top of your head, can you even list all the languages, libraries and versions required to run your research prototype? It does not need to be that way. perClass is simple to install, use and maintain. Not yet another library with many dependencies, but self-contained tool that simply works!