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perClass Frequently Answered Questions


What is perClass?

perClass is a professional pattern recognition software for design of classification algorithms and their deployment in applications. It consists of two parts, namely the Matlab toolbox for design of classifiers and the perClass runtime library written in C for execution of trained classifiers outside Matlab in your applications.

What is PRSD Studio and what does PRSD mean?

PRSD Studio is the old name of the software. PRSD Studio 3.0 has been renamed perClass. PRSD abbreviation stands for Pattern Recognition System Design which denotes systematic iterative process of deriving robust classification solutions.

What other software I need to use perClass?

For the design Matlab 7.5 or higher is required. For the execution you don't need any additional package (also no Matlab dependency). perClass runtime is fully self-contained.

What platforms does perClass support?

Off-the-shelf version is supported on MS Windows 32-bit/64-bit, Mac OS X 32-bit/64-bit, Linux x86 32-bit/64-bit (x86). Runtime builds on other architectures such as ARM, TI DSP and ETS-PharLap real-time OS have been tested internally. Contact us at info@perclass.com for details.

What is the connection between PR Sys Design and TU Delft?

PR Sys Design was founded in 2006 by Dr.Pavel Paclik, at that time a researcher at TU Delft. Pavel participated in development of PRTools between 2000 and 2006. First version of perClass (then called PRSD Studio), released in 2008, was built on top of PRTools. With version 2.0 in 2009 perClass became independent of PRTools. Until 2012, perClass team was teaching in the TU Delft industrial courses and sponsored/maintained the community forum for PRTools.

Can I develop on one platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) and deploy on another?

Yes. perClass is fully cross-platform. You may train and export classifier for deployment on one platform and execute the classifier on any other supported platform.

Can I distribute/sell the applications using perClass library?

Yes. With commercial editions of perClass, you can re-distribute the perClass library and classifiers you train. We offer various types of deployment licenses bound to hardware dongles or machine host-ids. OEM licensing is also available.

Can my competitors extract my classifiers from the pipeline files?

No. Pipeline files are encrypted with industry-standard encryption technology.

Licensing /sales

Can I test the software before I buy it?

Yes. You can download perClass Lite and use it freely for non-commercial purposes. This version is limited to datasets of 300 samples and 3 classes and does not include perClass runtime library. Request a demo if you would like to evaluate the fully-functional version of perClass.

Is there any money-back guarantee option available?

Yes. We provide 30 days money back guarantee.

Do I need to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) and how much is it?

PR Sys Design is a company based in the Netherlands. If you're a company based in the Netherlands, you will need to pay 21% BTW tax. If you're a private person living inside any European Union member state, the price will include 21% of Dutch VAT (BTW) tax.

What happens if I don't extend the update plan after one year?

You won't be able to use perClass version released after the update expiration date. All perClass versions released before the update expiration date will remain fully functional. Without the active update plan, the perClass Pro you will not be able to export new classifiers for deployment. The export does not expire in perClass Enterprise. For all versions, classifiers already running in your products/applications keep working indefinitely.

Can I get the source code of perClass library?

We do not provide source code of the complete perClass runtime library. However, for the commercial customers developing embedded pattern recognition systems, we offer a solution which delivers source code of specific trained classifiers. Please contact us for details on commercial source-code licensing.


I have found a bug, what should I do?

Please post the detatls in our forum so we can fix it.

I need extra help with the software. Do you provide support?

Yes. The commercial fee includes up to two hour support helping you to get up and running with the software. For community support, please visit our forum. To purchase additional support, contact us at support@perclass.com


Where can I learn to design classifiers?

We provide an intensive training course where R&D specialists can learn how to develop robust classification solutions in practical applications. The course is given twice a year (spring/autumn) in Delft, NL. We have also offered the training in-house. For more information, contact training@perclass.com.

Do I need to be expert in math/machine learning to attend the course?

Not at all. The perClass course is designed for specialists that use pattern recognition as a tool. Basic knowledge of statistical concepts and Matlab scripting is useful. On the other hand, in every course, we have also welcomed participants having expert skills and often holding a PhD in machine learning or a similar field. As you can read on the testimonial page, this unique mix of diverse expertise among participants adds to the creative atmosphere that supports sharing and learning.


I need help in designing classifiers for my applications. Can you help me?

Yes, we provide the consulting/contracting services helping industrial and academic researchers to perform initial feasibility studies and prototype classifiers for their applications. Contact us to discuss your problem in detail.

I need a specific algorithm implemented. Will you add it to the library?

If the algorithm is general enough and interesting for other users, we will try to include it into our development road map. Alternatively, we may also implement algorithms on a consultancy/contracting basis please contact us at info@perclass.com

I need to speed-up a given algorithm, will you help me?

Yes. Optimization of algorithm speed may be done as a consultancy/contracting work.