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perClass in-house training

Difficult to leave your office for a week?

in-house pattern recognition course

We offer perClass in-house training.

  • Get training for all people in your group at the same time
  • Focus only on your use-cases, don't spend time on irrelevant applications
  • Stay in your offices, we come to you

We have designed three-day perClass course to be given in-house
in your familiar environment.


"Our team on Vision & Robotics choose to use perClass in our machine vision solutions on a structural base. Therefore we followed the in-house training at Wageningen UR with the whole team of (senior) software researchers. The in-house training was from a very high level, perfectly fitting the market demands. Now we should be able to develop faster with a better score on classification issues in agriculture and food applications.
-- Erik Pekkeriet, Senior Project manager at Wageningen UR, The Netherlands

"On top of perClass we use the consultancy and training services provided by PR Sys Design. They are always delivered in the most professional way and allowing us to expand significantly our knowledge in pattern recognition as well as in the perClass library itself.
-- Dror Nir, CEO, Advanced Medical Diagnostics (Histoscanning)

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in-house pattern recognition course training whole group in machine learning