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Academic pricing schema for perClass, pattern recognition software for industry

perClass Lite is a free, limited version of perClass Toolbox, for evaluation purposes. It is limited to data sets with a maximum of 300 samples or 3 classes.

perClass Toolbox license includes the Matlab toolbox for design and evaluation of classifiers. The license is permanent and bound to a hardware dongle, for easy relocation to any machine. The Toolbox is composed of:

  • Base : General machine learning tools, feature extraction, interactive visualization and performance optimization tools.
  • Imaging Option: Optional toolbox extension to extract of local image features and work with images and image regions of arbitrary shape. Learn more.
  • DB Option: Optional toolbox extension to work with nominal features and SQL databases. Learn more

Group license allows you to use perClass from any computer on local network. A group license is composed of a minimum of three floating licenses, which are provided by the license server on the in-house network. To simplify relocation, the license server is bound to a hardware dongle.

perClass Pro includes perClass Matlab toolbox (permanent license) and SDK (annual license) to embed classifiers in research demos. You can train your classifier in Matlab, than simply export it. The classifier can be applied to new data and runs with the Runtime library. You only need to link your library with your application. Both design and execution are bound to a hardware dongle.