21.02.2016  pavel

Traffic accident detections in tunnels

real-time acoustic accident detection with perClassIn a tunnel, a prompt detection of a traffic accident is crucial. It not only allows for an automatic help call, but it can also prevent more vehicles to enter and get involved. All this within seconds from the accident, way before any help could be on the location. Such alert system, based on acoustic signal processing, has being developed by Joanneum, the top Austrian research organization. perClass was selected as a platform to develop recognition algorithms and also as the real-time deployment solution processing the live data from microphone arrays.

The AKUT system, currently deployed in 10 Alpine tunnels, responds two minutes faster that the standard video-based surveillance solution. This prevents up to 70 cars (70-200 people) entering the danger zone.

The system detects the following events:

Schematic overview of the detection system:

AKUT system for real-time acoustic accident detection

PDF brochure describing AKUT system:

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