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perClass course March 2012

The last perClass course took place in our office on 26-30 March. participants of the March 2012 perClass course The participants came from as far as South Africa. Some had already experience in pattern recognition and wanted to deepen their proficiency, some were new to the field. Lectures alternated with exercises, so that all could practice immediately what was learned. The participants were very interested, active, asked many questions, all in a cheerful atmosphere… as the days were passing and we were getting to better know each other the frequency of jokes increased. We had fun! Even the weather has been great, with almost a full week of sun, and those who have heard about the dutch weather know that this is very exceptional :) It has been a real pleasure for us to have such a nice group coming by! This is what some of them wrote us:

“I found the course very informative. I think you have done an excellent job in developing a logical framework, with powerful tools, for tackling pattern recognition problems. The use of examples from real problems is extremely useful in understanding the strengths and limitations of a range of concepts and approaches. Thanks again for the great course!” Garry

“The Pattern Recognition course on perClass is a good chance for us to improve our knowledges in a very challenging research area, with many real-life practical applications. The theoretical part but also the exemples and exercises helped us to have a better understanding on the pattern recognition critical issues, in order to be able to desing and generate more complex applications from different real problems. The course structure covered very well the main topics in pattern recognition, actually the main stages in a pattern recognition design. Kind greetings for you for this great chance.” Sorin

“perClass is in my opinion the Swiss Army knife of Pattern Recognition: versatile, easy to use (but not superficial), and efficient, enabling you to quickly solve your problems. The perClass course can be described in similar terms: it teaches you how to solve a large range of problems, it is not difficult to follow (but can go very deep when needed), and sharpens your skills at a high pace while at the same time leaving room for relaxed talks and a friendly atmosphere. I especially liked that the course materials, and the hands-on sessions, were partly adapted to the practical needs of the participants. I recommend both the toolbox and the course to anyone doing data analysis.” Andrei






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