Proven in solving real-world problems

perClass is used every day by teams developing next generation medical diagnostics, high-throughput mineral sorting machines or designing brain-machine interfaces. To make our consulting projects successful, we have designed and optimized powerful set of tools. So that you don't have to.

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Top-notch interactive tools for understanding the data

Interactivity lets you handle complex problems quickly. Browse your data with multiple sets of labels, understand the distributions, find outliers, paint labels by hand. In short, replace tedious programming with a point-and-click action.

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Scalable to real-world data sets

Does your tool crawl to a standstill on your large data set? Industrial data sets quickly scale up to hundreds of thousands of samples. perClass supports effective work with them.

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State-of-the-art classifier optimization tools

A classifier is acceptable only if it performs according to your application requirements. perClass provides you with state-of-the-art tools for optimization of detectors and classifiers with two- and multi-class ROC analysis. Find the best error trade-off.

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Easy to embed classifiers into custom applications

Classifier working in Matlab is only half-way to your final goal. With perClass, you may bring your classifiers into your machine in minutes. Easy-to-embed runtime without external dependencies saves you loads of time otherwise spent on reverse-engineering the execution logic. Because the runtime executes all your code also in Matlab during the design stage, you don't need to re-evaluate the numerics when moving to production.

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Blazing fast classifier execution

Enjoy fast response time of your system without extra programming. perClass is used every day in real-time applications because its runtime was built with one goal: Fast execution.

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Well documented and supported

Have you desperately searched for use examples of a function you downloaded somewhere on the Internet just to find out the student left two years ago? perClass provides a comprehensive documentation and support that allow you to quickly find answers and get the best of the tools.

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Clear licensing and pricing

perClass is built for commercial environment and comes with clear and simple licensing and pricing terms.

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Course and in-house training available

Do you prefer a face-to-face training to get your team up-to-speed in building your next pattern recognition solution? We have 10 years of experience in industrial pattern recognition courses.

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Consultancy services available

Whether you search for a quick-start feasibility study in your project or wish to improve your existing solution, we provide consultancy and contracting services centered around perClass.

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