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Pavel’s intro
Posted: 08 November 2008 11:24 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi all,

my name is Pavel and I enjoy developing pattern recognition systems ;-) I’ve been working in pattern recognition research since 1995 first in Czech Republic (CTU and UTIA), and since 2000 in the Netherlands (ICT group). My PhD work discussed different aspects of designing automatic road sign classifiers for intelligent cars.

In the last two years I moved out from academia and started PR Sys Design as a company developing pattern recognition algorithms, providing special software (PRSD Studio) and co-organizing APR courses at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

My research interests cover deriving informative data representations (especially similarity measures), and system optimization (handling multiple levels in one system, information fusion, ROC analysis, impact of design choices at system performance, accuracy/speed trade-offs, feature selection etc.) I enjoy working closely with number of people in different industries, often doing in-house consultancies.

I created this forum as a space to share questions and ideas between people working on pattern recognition system design.



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