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Data visualization : Frequent bug when connecting sdimage and sdscatter
Posted: 09 November 2017 10:30 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi Pavel,

I recently found out about the possibility to link scatterplot and images in order to identify to which part of the image a population corresponds, and vice versa.

I think this is a great functionnality.

Nevertheless, it seems to be still quite unstable, and most of the time i’m not able to activate the “paint class” action in the scatterplot.
Matlab shell returns following errors (and the paiting cursor doesn’t show):

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in sdscatter_update
Error while evaluating Menu Callback.

(The cursor correspondance between sdscatter and sdimage seems to work fine though)

Also, when the action properly triggers and when I paint some points in the scatterplot, I couldn’t any change in the pixels of sdimage. Does the class have to be already created before creating the scatterplot and the sdimage?

I use perClass 5.1 and Matlab 2017a.

I hope you can help me. Thanks!



Posted: 10 November 2017 02:34 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi Pierre,

I think the connection between sdscatter and sdimage assumes the same visible data in both figures. Do you see the errors, you describe, when keeping all classes visible in the scatter plot?

Kind Regards,


Posted: 10 November 2017 02:47 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 2 ]  
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Hi Pavel,

Yes, I always kept all classes visible in this case.

Also, it seems to work when I have only one class first, and when I create the new class via the sdscatter paint menu (altough unfortunately the new class has the same color than the other one in the sdimage).

If I manually change the color in the sdimage, I can’t go and paint again in the sdscatter. Also, if I export the dataset from the sdimage(having 2 classes with different colours this time), then I plot the sdscatter then the sdimage again, the functionality doesn’t work anymore (same error).

I think I only could make it work with one unique initial class, and the new class create will always have the same color, by default, than the first class, so it’s not very useful in this case.

I hope this helps,